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for Manual and Automatic Transmisson

Administration fee onetime

100.- Sfr

Single lesson à 50 Minutes

98.- Sfr

Subscription à  5 Lessons

470.- Sfr

Subscription à 10 Lessons

900.- Sfr

Subscription à 15 Lessons

1290.- Sfr

Seniority-Control driving ride with evaluation à 90 min

Written forwarding of the result to doctor

180.- Sfr

30.- Sfr

Traffic study class  (4x2 Lessons)

Payment conditions see under GTC


2.1 Driving lessons are always against cash payment and to be paid at the start of the driving lesson / s.

       A subscription can also be paid with an invoice upon consultation with the driving instructor.

2.2 For billing, the total subscription price must be paid within 5 working days in advance.

       If the payment is not received, the lesson will be charged for the price of an individual lesson.

Version of 1. März 2023

Subject to changes

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