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General terms and conditions Driving school Gerry Nischler

1.1 Duration of one lesson is 50 minutes

1.2 A lesson includes to setting up the vehicle, instruction, driving and closing meeting.

2.1 Driving lessons are always against cash payment and to be paid at the start of the driving lesson / s.

       A subscription can also be paid with an invoice upon consultation with the driving instructor.


2.2 For billing, the total subscription price must be paid within 5 working days in advance.

       If the payment is not received, the lesson will be charged for the price of an individual lesson.

3.1 The course fee for emergency aid and traffic courses is payable in cash on the first day of the course.

      See the terms and conditions of the course organizer.


4.1 For each driving lesson, the valid learning or driving license must be carried. Without the licens I am             not allowed to teach driving lessons as a driving instructor.

4.2 The student commits the riding lesson without health restrictions, like Alcohol, - Drug and 

      drug influence. s. Art. 91 SVG.

4.3 Cancellations for agreed driving lessons will only be accepted if they arrive at least 2 full working days          before the lesson. No short-term cancellations via SMS, Whats App or E-Mail will be accepted.                        Unexcused or late canceled lessons will be fully charged.

4.4 Emergency aid and / or traffic education courses are subject to the terms and conditions of the course          organizer. Your course registration, via the web or by telephone are binding. As a participant, you  

       accept the terms and conditions of the course organizer  with your registration.

4.5 Driving lesson dates agreed verbally, by telephone as well as by e-mail or SMS / WhatsApp are binding.

4.6 In case of a pandemic (such as Covid 19) the participant takes part in the course or driving lesson at his          own risk and is aware of this. The driving instructor and the SFV do not take any responsibility in                    connection with an infection of a virus etc. The protection concept and behavioral measures of                        the SFV / BAG during the lesson are continuously adapted to the epidemiological situation.

5.1 In the basic fee: are in the once obligatory amount pro rata miscellaneous costs for

      Administration, the liability, comprehensive insurance and occupational insurance included.

      Also for various minor damage and expenses not covered by the comprehensive insurance, such as               Rims / tires, completing the accident report, bringing the car to the garage, lost time injuries of

      the driving instuctor etc.

5.2 The duration of the compulsory basic fee is maximum 2 years and will not be compensated.

       Also not compensated if you changing to a foreign driving school before completing the education.


6.1 After completing or early termination of the driver education, you will be given the remaining                            lessons with the residual value (less 10% deduction).


Version of 26.10.2020  subject to alterations

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